What Happens When The AC Contactor Goes Bad?

When you look at an AC, it seems simple enough, isn’t it? But look under the hood, and you will find a complex system that works together to switch your Air conditioner on and off when you want.

One of the very important parts of an AC is its contactor. So, What is an Air conditioner contactor? It is a device responsible for controlling the flow of electricity sent to your AC.

Almost like a connecting drawbridge over a river, its lowering connects both sides, and when it goes up, no car can pass through. Similarly, a contract controls the flow of electricity by either blocking it or allowing it to flow to the AC’s condenser, compressor, and motors. If the contractor goes bad, you will need an AC repair in Fort Worth.

Before getting to know what happens, we need to know what exactly can go wrong in the AC contactor and what are the reasons for these faults:

Possible things which can go wrong with an AC contactor

1. Stuck-Down: Your contractor may get stuck down, which means that it can get stuck doing certain operations while it is down. So electricity will flow through the contractor, but only certain parts of your conditioner keep operating. These parts keep functioning even when the rest of the system shuts down.

2. Stuck-Up: Just as your AC gets stuck down, it can alternatively get stuck up as well, which means that it can get stuck while it is up. In this situation, the contractor faces a shortage of electricity and doesn’t turn on when it is told to.

3. Burn-Out: Just like other electrical equipment, AC faces normal wear and tear, and with frequent use, it can get overheated. When the contactor burns out, the component that it supplies electricity to is compensated and doesn’t turn on.

Reasons for the contactor going bad

  • The excess flow of current
  • Overvoltage
  • Continual chattering
  • Age-old parts
  • High temperature- no ventilation
  • Fluctuation of voltage and frequency- the impact of power quality
  • Corrosive environment- damaging chemicals
  • Excessive vibration and mechanical shock

What exactly happens when a contractor develops some kind of fault?

1. In the first situation, the contractor will not pull close, and when this happens, the two ends do not connect, even after direct electricity is run into it. Mostly this means you will have to get it replaced.

2. If you notice that your thermostat is switching on, but the unit is still not operating, it means that your contractor is gone. And if this is the case, that means that it is not getting the required electric current.

If your AC conditioner goes bad, you need to replace it and get an air conditioning repair in Fort Worth or an AC contactor. The best way to avoid any faults, schedule regular tune-ups with your technician and service your air conditioner.

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