How Often Should You Replace Your AC Capacitor?

If you are using an air conditioner for more than a decade, then the chances are that your AC capacitor needs to be replaced. However, these capacitors provide service for a long time before a need for replacement arises. So it is a little bit difficult to identify if your capacitor needs to be replaced and how often you should replace it. You can easily find a capacitor that fits your device by contacting AC companies in Fort Worth, TX.

Some symptoms that suggest your capacitor needs to be replaced are given below.

  • Low voltmeter readings

Each capacitor is rated in microfarads. Different capacitors have different settings based on the device type and model. For instance, consider a capacitor rated 30 microfarads with a range of 10 above or below. If the microfarads fall below 20 in the voltmeter, it is time to buy a new capacitor.

  • Oil leaks from the air conditioner

A bad air conditioner capacitor has frequent oil leaks. Though these leaks may be associated with other AC problems, the chances are that your capacitor is worn out. You can consult an air conditioning service to have a correct diagnosis.

  • Swelling

Another symptom to find a faulty capacitor and replace it is swelling. If the capacitor is not in its prime state, we can see swelling at the sides that appear like the capacitor is filled with too much material inside.

Despite these symptoms, there are chances that your capacitor is damaged even though it shows the correct microfarads rating and is not swollen. Hence it is better to leave it to the hands of an expert for air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX.

When do you find a need for capacitor replacement?

Usually, there are two times when you find yourself in a situation where you need to replace your capacitor with a new one.

  • The first time

This is a pretty straightforward diagnosis for a faulty capacitor which is your air conditioner not pumping air. When your capacitor is damaged or worn out, your AC unit will stop working altogether.

  • The second time

The second is during a maintenance check-up. You want to find the capacitor defects at this time because as the professionals are at your home already, it is easy for repairs and replacement.

Additionally, as the check-up takes place during the seasons when you do not need an air conditioner, a delay in the replacement won’t be uncomfortable. Schedule a visit by contacting an air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX, to have regular maintenance check-ups.

You should now be able to identify if and when you need to replace your old capacitor with a new one. If your air conditioner is acting up or you find the need to replace your AC capacitor, search for AC companies in Fort Worth, TX, online and research the type of capacitor you want.

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