How Often Do I Need an AC Unit Tune-Up?

The general rule of thumb for air conditioning is to get an annual tune-up. However, it depends on the age of your AC unit. If your unit is newer, then yearly inspections should do the job. But if you find that you have an older AC unit in your home, then you need to call an air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX, twice a year for regular tune-ups. It will ensure that your AC system is working efficiently and keep your home comfortable.

What Does an AC Tune-Up Include ?

Due to a busy schedule, it can be easy to forget to hire a professional for an air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX, to come out to your home for a tune-up. During the tune-up process, professionals will come to your home to check whether all AC unit components are in good condition. They will also suggest that you need to perform any repairs and replacements. Some of the services provided during a routine AC tune-up include:

  • Safety checks
  • Calibrating thermostats
  • Cleaning the Air filter
  • Checking drain pipes and air vents
  • Checking the compressors and their restart frequency.

If you need any of the above services, search for reliable AC companies in Fort Worth, TX.

Best Time For AC Tune-Ups

Just like spring cleaning, spring tune-up is the best way to prepare your home for summer. If your air conditioner has been in sleep mode for several months, your air conditioner has not been used continuously in winter. Therefore, tuning up air conditioning in the spring season is a great way to prepare for the summer and keep your home cool throughout the summer.

Just as old HVAC units require more frequent tune-ups to increase their lifespan, missing a yearly tune-up can be conflicting. A timely AC tune-up ensures that every part of the air conditioning system is in working condition after the winter inactivity. It is also vital to ensure that no one else is doing your annual tune-up. So, make sure to call a professional AC service.

Advantages of Tune-ups

In addition, to keep your air conditioning system in excellent condition, several benefits come with an AC tune-up:

  • You can reduce the wear and tear of air conditioning system components by regularly servicing the system.
  • When your air conditioner is operating at its best, it will be more efficient. It means your house will cool down very quickly. You do not have to wait long to make your home feel more comfortable.
  • Since the compressor is more efficient, the running time is relatively short, so you can save a lot of money by reducing energy costs.
  • Regular AC tune-ups can also prevent frequent repairs.
    Keep track of the AC tune-ups

Be sure to note the date when the air conditioner was last serviced. This way, you can track the due date of the following tune-up. Ensure to hire the best AC companies in Fort Worth, TX, to help you develop a maintenance and tune-up plan. For the best air conditioning service, call Applied Air Mechanical call at (817) 888-7311.