How Long Does a Furnace Usually Last?

How Long Does a Furnace Usually Last

How Long Does a Furnace Usually Last?

With fall already setting in, keeping your furnace in good working order is more important than ever. You’ll want to make sure your home remains warm and cozy on the chilly nights ahead, which means having your trusted local HVAC service contractor over for a comprehensive inspection and tune-up. After all, those odd noises you’ve been hearing from your furnace lately might indicate a serious problem.

By dealing with issues such as these, you can effectively extend the life of your heating system. But exactly how long does a standard furnace last anyway? Applied Air Mechanical, one of the trusted furnace and AC installation companies in the area, discusses more here.

The Life Expectancy of a Furnace

Can you expect your furnace to deliver exceptional heating performance for 20 years? How about 30 or perhaps even 40 years? The exact number is complicated, because like any other product, the furnace’s life expectancy depends on a number of factors that can either reduce its service life or prolong it. Some of the things that can lead to the former include:

Incorrect sizing: Furnaces are available in various sizes which are typically based on their ability to produce heat. As with an air conditioning system, your furnace will need to be the right size in order to heat your home properly and efficiently. The next time you need a heating installation, keep proper sizing in mind. Otherwise, the thermal comfort and energy efficiency of your home can be negatively affected, which may result in serious issues.

An oversized furnace, for example, will generate too much heat for your home. It will do this quickly, and once it reaches the desired temperature set by the thermostat, it will turn off. The heating cycles will be shorter, which means it will struggle to create a more consistent indoor environment. What’s more, an oversized furnace is more prone to wear and tear, as its frequent on-and-off cycles put stress on components like the blower motor, allowing for problems that can shorten its life.

Improper furnace installation: Quality heating installation is a must if you want to get the most of your furnace’s life and performance. The problem is, while many contractors can install a furnace, not all of them can do it properly. Poor-quality workmanship leads to incorrectly designed, sized and sealed ductwork, which can hamper the way heated air is distributed throughout your home. But an inconsistent temperature is just the tip of the iceberg. When your furnace isn’t installed properly, this affects many of its components, from the drain system and venting to the fuel lines. This compromises the unit’s operation and stability, reducing its life expectancy further.

Poor maintenance: Don’t overlook routine maintenance for your furnace. If its air filter needs replaced, then do so. When something is blocking the vents, remove it. Doing these little things can help extend the life of your heating system. For more serious cleaning and maintenance needs, however, you should call 0n an HVAC expert to handle the job.

Applied Air Mechanical isn’t just your go-to company for AC installation: you can also count on us for professional HVAC inspections and maintenance. We’ll clean any components that need it, such as the ductwork, and check internal components like the heat exchanger, blower, motor assembly and gas valve to ensure they’re all working the way they should. Additionally, we can make adjustments and minor repairs to maintain and even enhance your furnace’s performance in order to avoid bigger problems later on.

Thermostat Settings

Turning the thermostat all the way up or dialing it way down–everyone has their own idea about how to set the thermostat. But setting it too high or too low has big consequences. This can not only damage the furnace’s components, leading to an inconvenient, costly service call, but could also potentially take years of life off the system. HVAC experts recommend setting your thermostat no higher than 80 degrees Fahrenheit and no lower than 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to Tell If Your Furnace is Nearing the End of Its Life

Everything has an expiration date, and even a well-designed and -maintained furnace will need to be replaced eventually. You can usually tell because it will display many warning signs, including:

Age: Is your furnace older than 15 years? If this is the case, you’ll need to pay attention to any irregularities in its performance, sound and smell. Call a premier HVAC service company like Applied Air Mechanical for a checkup, and we’ll confirm if it’s time to get a new furnace for your home.

Cool Air: A furnace that’s blowing cold instead of hot air may indicate imminent failure. For instance, when the motor in the blower fan is no longer working properly, the furnace won’t have enough power to distribute air throughout your house. A running furnace that doesn’t actually heat your living space is a huge waste of energy. You can expect higher-than-usual numbers on your monthly bill if this isn’t dealt with swiftly.

Unusual Loud Noises: Furnaces usually make noticeable noise–unless you keep it somewhere you can’t hear it like the basement. When working properly. At most they’ll generate a humming sound, If you start hearing squeaks, pops and bangs, however, this might indicate that something has become loose or damaged inside the system. Have the unit checked to determine if it will need an actual replacement.

Choosing a Reliable HVAC Company

When your furnace has reached the end of its lifespan and requires a replacement, make sure to work only with a trusted HVAC technician on this task. After all, getting a new furnace is a huge deal. You’ll want to have all your bases covered–and one of the most crucial is your choice of an HVAC company. In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the name to call is Applied Air Mechanical. Here are some of the reasons we remain one of the top choices for exceptional HVAC services and installation:

Licensed and insured: Applied Air Mechanical has all the necessary credentials, such as business licensing and insurance, to make us eligible to provide these types of services in your area. We also have workers’ compensation and liability coverage to better protect you and your investment.

Exceptional HVAC products: When you turn to us for your furnace replacement, you’ll have access to some of the highest-quality options from leading manufacturers. Applied Air Mechanical is a Preferred American Standard® Dealer, and we also represent top brands like Carrier®, Trane® and Lennox®. The products we carry ensure superior, long-lasting heating performance so you can keep your home warm, toasty and comfortable this fall. Not only that, they come with solid, extensive warranty coverage for your peace of mind.

Flexible financing options: Applied Air Mechanical understands that a furnace replacement can be costly, but if you turn to us, you won’t have to put it off. We offer flexible financing programs from FTL® Finance and Hearth®. This way, you can upgrade your heating system with greater confidence.

Customer excellence: Applied Air Mechanical is customer-centric. We’re always ready and able to address your questions and concerns and work on creating solutions that meet them. As a Better Business Bureau® Accredited Business with an A- rating, we’re committed to delivering full client satisfaction.

Look no further than Applied Air Mechanical for a smooth, worry-free furnace replacement. With our trained, experienced technicians, we’ll make sure the work is completed perfectly the first time. We proudly serve Fort Worth, TX , and the surrounding areas. Call us today at (817) 888-7311 or fill out our contact form to schedule your consultation.