Can A Dirty Filter Stop The Working Of A Furnace?

Your home’s furnace is designed to control incoming air temperature to guarantee maximum comfort. This heating system is also designed to provide warm and clean air via an air duct system. To keep the air in your house safe to breathe, it is critical to regularly replace the furnace air filter. This prevents dirt and debris from invading the air supply.

One of The Most Common Problems in Heating And Cooling Systems is Dirty Air Filters

It’s not unusual to believe that your furnace has to be replaced because it has finally quit operating. When your unit stops operating, you might check your breakers. But, before you do that, we recommend that you check the air filter in your unit.

Is the air filter unclean, with dust and debris trapped in it when you look at it? If it is, the heating system is short on air and cannot function properly. Keep in mind that the airflow might be impeded by dirty and clogged air filters, which can prevent you from getting enough heat. Worse, your furnace will work harder, consuming more energy and raising your monthly power bill.

What Happens if A Furnace’s Air Filter Remains Jammed?

Airflow is slowed and restricted by blocked air filters, which may not be visible at first. In other words, the furnace is having trouble breathing. As a result, the air handler in the unit has to work harder to compensate for the limited airflow.

When the airflow slows down, the possibilities of the furnace’s heat exchanger becoming overheated to the point of shutting down rapidly and abruptly increase. As a result, your home will not be able to warm up. If this persists, the electronic safeguard will fail, preventing the furnace from turning on. Contact us for heating service in Fort Worth, TX, to avoid this issue.

Problems Caused By A Dirty Air Filter


1. High Heating Costs

Heating bills can be rather high throughout the winter months, and putting any additional strain on your furnace will just increase them. Since your furnace’s blower needs to work considerably harder and longer when your filter is clogged, your system will use a lot more energy than it would if your filter was clean.

2. Component Failure –

A clogged furnace filter can severely harm the internal parts of your heating system, resulting in a furnace failure. Repairing or replacing a furnace is expensive, and depending on your home’s configuration, it may not be a quick remedy.

3. Breakdowns in The Furnace

Another issue with a dirty filter is that parts might overheat and break down your system. With a clogged air filter, the system will need to work harder, which might cause breakdowns. Don’t be caught off guard – check or replace your filter once a month!

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