5 Most Frequently Occurring Furnace Issues

A furnace is our best friend during winters as it keeps us warm and comfy. However, have you found your home to be cold even when the furnace is on? Well, that’s one of the most common furnace breakdowns when you need to call a heating service in Fort Worth, TX.

From blowing cold air to aging furnaces, there can be various ways your furnace might malfunction. Nevertheless, here are some of the most frequently occurring furnace problems that you might face.

5 Most Frequent Furnace Issues

1. A Worn-Out Furnace

Like all machines around us, furnaces also incur wear and tear. Most furnaces are meant to last 20-25 years, given that routine maintenance is provided. However, there comes the point when maintenance and repairs won’t work anymore due to wear and tear over the years.

Even if a single component of the furnace stops working, it can cause the whole unit to break down. If you think your furnace is done with its lifespan, call a furnace replacement in Fort Worth, TX, right away.

2. Dirty Air Filters

The air filters are responsible for retaining dust and debris from the air to circulate clean air further. Thus, a lot of dirt and debris tend to accumulate in the filters over time. Homeowners often neglect cleaning them, which can result in dirty and clogged filters. This is one of the most common furnace problems and puts unnecessary strain on the system. Clogged air filters also prevent the furnace from pushing out warm air resulting in poor heating.

That’s why most HVAC experts recommend changing the filters routinely.

3. Thermostat Malfunction

The thermostat is one of the most crucial elements of a furnace. It is responsible for regulating the air temperature so that you can enjoy the warmth. However, if a thermostat starts malfunctioning, it can lead to poor heating conditions. But there are also instances when a malfunctioning thermostat causes the furnace to overheat.

So, if you often experience cold spots at home or unexpectedly high temperatures, it’s time to get in touch with heating services in Fort Worth, TX.

4. Pilot Sensor And Ignition Control

The pilot sensor and ignition control are two major elements that determine the amount of heat produced. Any malfunction occurring in any of these components can result in a significant breakdown. In the worst cases, your furnace will stop producing heat at all!

5. Poor Maintenance

To make sure your system works properly, routine maintenance is a must. Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect the fact or are skeptical about spending money on maintenance.

While you might be spending some bucks on regular maintenance, it can save you a lot of money. Yes, a poorly maintained unit might need frequent repairs or even escalate into extensive repairs. And yes, such repairs can make you spend a fortune! So, are you experiencing any of the issues above? We can fix it. We provide the best quality repairs, maintenance, installation, and furnace replacement in Fort Worth, TX.

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